Custom Guitars

A combination of Art, Music & Automobiles – I’ve been a life-long car guy, musician and artist, but it wasn’t until the summer of 2015 that I had the light bulb moment to actually build custom guitars, designing them from scratch with the shape inspired by vintage automobiles, painting them in automotive colors and incorporating actual car parts into the design.

The first guitar I made is called “Overdrive” because of the early 1950s Ford overdrive trunk emblem featured on the guitar. Its not a Ford themed guitar, just a 50s tailfin inspired design. This guitar has a working tailight built into the fin which is operated by a LED light and 9 volt battery.

The second guitar I made is the “Dynaflow”. Because it incorporates two pieces from a 1952 Buick – the Dynaflow chrome script and one fender porthole. The fake grille insert in the porthole was removed and replaced with a 9 volt operated LED light. A simple toggle switch on the back of each guitar turns the lights on when playing on stage.

An additional note of interest is that I made a special bracket for each guitar which allows them to be mounted on the wall.

Each custom guitar is accompanied by an original automotive painting. Each painting will have the same theme as the guitar its paired with. So buyers will get one complete package deal consisting of a one-off custom guitar, original automobile painting, and wall mounting bracket ($1500.00).

My brother’s and I have a band which gives me a perfect test platform for breaking in these guitars to ensure they operate as good as they look, because looking cool is only one aspect. My goal was to make an instrument that sounds great, plays well and looks good. For your interest, here’s the website for the band where you can find information and videos: